Monday, 28 November 2011

How To Have The Perfect Duvet Day

Its the season of goodwill, cold weather and perhaps a few sniffles. Occasionally it does us all good to take a duvet day. An unscheduled day off which isn't filled with chores, plans or commitments is a rare thing indeed and when I get a chance to have one here is how I make it extra special. I understand that by gathering these items together you could be accused of slightly pre planning your spontaneous duvet day but hey the end result is a day of luxurious laziness.

Clean Bedding
Its  a duvet day so the idea is to spend most of it in bed. Not necessarily sleeping (although a few old lady style dozes are essential) but just enjoying stretching out like a cat living in the moment. You must have clean bedding for this, it starts your duvet day with the right tone.I use Cath Kidstons Cherry Blossom Linen Spray when I iron my bedding. It infuses the sheets with such a lovely scent you just can't wait to get into bed.
Cuddle Up With cashmere
A luxurious duvet day is all about comfort and what better way to keep your toes warm than with a cashmere throw. My particular favourites are the wool and cashmere blankets by John Hanley for Liberty. As soft as a kitten you will feel like you are wrapped in a cloud as you lie doing absolutely nothing.
A Flask Of Tea
This being a duvet day you want to limit your need to be near domestic appliances as much as possible. This is where the good old flask comes into play. Fill it with a lovely black tea rather than having luke warm milky dishwater. Slice some lemon and put these on the edge of your china cup and voila you have the means for beautiful tea with a slice of lemon all through the afternoon.

My new flask is perfect for this and my choice of tea? Rose tea I think by Twinnings.

Magazines & Books
A duvet day requires lots of idly flicking through glossy magazines and reading trashy books. Forget high brow or self improvement its all about turning your brain off for a few hours and enjoying the emptiness in your brain box.My personal reading choices for a day of idleness go like this:
  • Vogue ( A pure fashion fix)
  • Heat (Gossip with no lasting meaning)
  • Grazia (Like a combination of the two)
  • Vintage Life (Best Mag in town)
  • Jackie Collins Lady Boss/Jilly Cooper Riders/Jacqueline Susann's Valley Of the dolls
A Mini Spa
A duvet day isn't the time for a full on pamper. Too many trips to the bathroom required. These are the beauty items I use on a duvet day which once applied can be left on.Perfectly in tune with my day of doing nothing but with the added bonus that I am spoiling myself which is after all what its all about.
Soap and Glory foot cream with pink socks.

Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners hand cream for a good paw nourish

Garnier Caffeine Roll On to freshen up my under eyes
My i-Pod

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I have a play list called "Duvet Day" it consists of dreamy relaxing stuff like Debussy,Joni Mitchell and Fleet Foxes. Plump up your pillows stick in your earphones and drift away. 

So those are my tips for a perfect duvet day. I hope Ive inspired you to occasionally jump off the hamster wheel and have a day of relaxation and self indulgence. You will feel amazing afterwards and the glow lasts for days.

Relax-You are worth it



  1. Ooooh a duvet day. This must just be what the doc ordered! Mind you, although my daughter is at school, The Prince is only two so I fear I wouldn't get much peace.
    Lovely ideas though and something I will do when he starts pre-school in a year.....gah!!!

  2. I am with you on this one. Sounds worthy of booking a day off work. I am a huge rose tea drinker. I think I prefer it to Earl Grey - there said it. thebeachhutcook

  3. Nice post - I don't need to be told twice - I'm off to bed right this minute! Even if it is 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Pink legwarmers at the ready, a bundle of easy reads and a teapot full of tea. Long, contented sigh.

  4. Love this post! Have just checked my diary for the next month and have scheduled in a duvet day, must take note of all things required beforehand! Love all your posts betty, I look forward to checking it every day...would love one of the tees as well!! x

  5. Also, I follow your blog with bloglovin, does this count as joining it? I have just talked you up on fb and twitter and if I do win a tee I'd like a small pretty please! x

  6. God loves a tryer and so will keep having a go to win! Have shared on my fb and joined blog ages ago - love the t shirt xx

  7. loobyloujewellery said.....

    That's my strike day sorted!!
    I tend to take duvet to couch and watch baaaad films. Posiden adventure and the Towering inferno are guilty pleasures......

    and I'm a bit useless but how do I choose a profile to comment as?

  8. I love a good lazy day to re charge.... you can't beat it! x

  9. I am longing for a duvet day, it's been too long, and no respite in sight. Still, a girl can dream x

  10. Thanks for all the fab comments about my duvet day post. Ive been full of cold this week so have been using lots of my own tips to try and make myself feel better.
    The winner of this weks competition is Sam. Please mail me at with your address and prefered size. Good luck. Im putting a differernt design tee shirt up tomorrow so hope you all enter again xxx

  11. Am delighted to have won - Betty I have emailed my details over


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