Friday, 4 November 2011

Five For Friday

Its Friday-For lots of us the end of the working week. Here is my round up of whats been making my pulse faster, my purse lighter or just tickling my fancy

Mod inspired dress

I saw this beauty on Etsy and just had to share. Its by a designer  called ThongbaiTatong from the Netherlands. I just adore it, especially the Jack Russell on the back. Divine.

My Week with Marilyn
Wow Michelle Williams has come a long way since Dawson's Creak. This trailer caused a collective squeal amongst me and my friends this week and diary's are already being cleared for its release date (25th November if you were tempted) sure its a story which has been told a million times before but there is still something sad and fascinating about Marilyn Monroe and the clothes look wonderful.

Milla Jovovich's Stunning Campari Calendar

I absolutely adore the images which Campari released this week for their new calender featuring Milla Jovovich.
According to a press release, Jovovich “encounters hypothetical scenes on how many have predicted the world could end, including Global Warming, Drought and Ice Age. In the striking photos, Milla responds to these frightening hypothetical calamities with a counter view—instead of cowering in fear, she focuses on celebrating life by raising a toast of Campari’s magnificent red aperitif.”

Wearing haute couture creations she looks amazing, quite magical.I only hope I look so ravishing when the world ends. Its years since Ive drunk Campari-Might get some in for Christmas if it turns me into a mythical goddess.

Pink Polka Dot Frying Pan
I stumbled across this frying pan whilst looking for a pink wok for my sister in law (don't ask) I'm a bit of a sucker for coloured kitchenware (huge fan of the pink Le Creuset cooking pots) so this pan is right up my street and at under a tenner would make an excellent Christmas gift for me (yes Mr Bee that is  a hint)

Blog Of The Week-Domestic Sluttery
I thought I should start sharing my favourite blogs with you. This week its Domestic Sluttery

I just love the writing and the style of this blog so much. Its "Design Porn" section is my regular guilty pleasure and whenever I am looking for food inspiration it never fails to deliver. Its crammed to bursting with witty entertaining content and constantly introduces exciting new designers. It is lethal though-you always end up wanting to buy things when you are on there.
They even have a book out now which is on my Amazon Wish List.Domestic Sluts I salute you!
So that's my Five For Friday. Have a fab weekend.

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