Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Crafts

For many this Christmas will be one of the hardest financially they have faced in years. Nothing is quite as stressful as looking at your list of who to get presents for with sinking feelings of worry knowing that two pay packets is just not going to stretch that far.
This is where crafts can really be a lifesaver. With a little bit of preparation you can create some fantastic gifts for hardly any money at all and as they have been handmade rather than shop brought its more thoughtful and often more environmentally friendly-what’s not to love.
Here’s a really quick and easy gift idea, which I made recently for my mother in law. She loved it and as it took only a few hours it’s easily even in the busy run up to Christmas.

You will need
An old box-I used one which had previously contained perfume so had two little drawers.
Black Gloss Spray paint
Some pictures (these can be printed out although I have used decoupage paper as it is less likely to tear under glue and varnish)
PVA Glue
Quick Drying varnish
Glue Gun

Step One
Spray your box. It may need two coats depending on what colour and condition it is in.

Step two
Cut out your pictures. As my mother in law loves butterflies and is a keen gardener I went for butterflies and flowers

Step Three
Glue your pictures onto your box. Leave to dry

Step Four
Apply a thin layer of varnish. To get a really lovely glossy decoupage finish you will need to apply quite a few coats of varnish (hence the reason I use quick drying varnish)

Step Five
I replaced the rather tatty looking handles with ribbon using a glue gun

Step Six
You can fill the box with pink tissue paper and include a few small treats, soaps, perhaps some beauty samples (make up counters are great for giving these to you for free especially perfume) or even fill it with some handmade chocolates.
Voila-A fab gift, which doesn’t cost the earth and is very pretty to look at.

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