Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas With Betty Pamper

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Christmas is possibly my favourite time of year. As soon as the last sparkler has been lit on bonfire night I wait eagerly to start decoratingPamper Towers in all its Christmas finery.
A million fairy lights to light the way for Santa
My mum has always made a big fuss about Christmas so I've continued the tradition and now I have a little girl of my own it gives me even more of an excuse to turn my house into a winter wonderland.
My design style for Christmas is always the same, a mix of some traditional elements with a kitsch or quirky twist.
An apple studded wreath welcomes in Christmas cheer
My Christmas preparations start in the first few weeks of December. Braving the cold I collect bundles of holly and ivy from the garden and use it to decorate the stair banisters. I hold it in place with garden twine and fix in oranges studded with cloves. Making these oranges takes only a few minutes and you can create them quite far in advance. As the orange dries the shrinking pulls the cloves together making the smell even more intense, and filling the whole house with a fantastic festive aroma.

For me decorating my house for Christmas is all about certain rituals. I have music, which I always play and which makes me feel instantly Christmassy. The Edward Scissorhands soundtrack goes on to dress the tree (whilst its not a classic Christmas album its so magical and twinkly it always seems perfect) and the ultimate Motown Christmas Collection is a must for hanging the lights
The Edward Scissorhands soundtrack. Perfect  music for dressing the tree
Piling my mantelpiece high with holly and Ivy interspersed with candles in silver holders is a look I return to year after year. Once the fire is lit the whole room seems to twinkle. And as it’s the first thing you see as you enter my living room it makes quite a statement.
Holly and Ivy draped over my mantelpiece
I mentioned I like to add a kitsch element to my decorations and this year its fair to say the tree has provided all this and more. I usually go for a real tree but with a new kitten in the house decided a smaller artificial one might be the safer bet. Taking my inspiration from the high colour Christmas scenes you would see on 1950’s Christmas cards I’ve chosen a bright pink mini tree and decorated it with my huge collection of ornaments.
The pinkest Christmas Tree in the land
I’m constantly on the lookout for unusual Christmas decorations and wherever I am in the world I will try to buy one. From New York to Amsterdam, regardless of the season I will take home one carefully wrapped bauble so that every time I look at the tree I catch little memories glinting out at me. With its pink elephants, Elvis adornments and feather boa lights the trees definitely a showstopper. 
The King of Rock n Roll hanging from the tree
 Its been described as “the kind of tree Shirley Bassey would have” to “The John Barrowman of the Christmas Tree world” yes I think we can all agree its slightly camp.
Feather boa lights-just in case it wasn't camp enough
Once I have finished adding my yuletide sparkle to Betty Bee Towers, and my red apple wreath has been hung on the front door, I away fix myself a glass of Babycham (with a glace cherry of course) turn out the lights and look at the tree and decorations as they sparkle. As Noddy Holder would say “Its Christmas!!!”

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