Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Ultimate Hair Pomade For Quiffs

I realised the other day that I don't cater enough for my male readers especially when it comes to grooming. So I have asked the most stylish man I know (who also happens to be my husband) to write a guest post.
The Vintage Pamper Boxes photographer, creative tour de force and general all round rock n roll super boy Nicky Bee has found the ultimate hair pomade for quiffs!
Rumble59 - Schmiere - Pomade rock-hard. Here is his review.

The search for the ultimate rockabilly hair product is over, call off the dogs, we have a winner. After much searching, and many unsuccessfully products, I was put on to a new pomade by my good friend Lena. It’s the latest in the line from the German Pomade company Schmiere, and it is the business. Over the last few years I’ve tried many of the pomades to try and achieve the ultimate quaff – the products have either been too greasy, too soft or damn right rubbish. I needed a one product (not a combination of several) that would give me that stand up quiff in one quick application, as I don’t usually have 20 minutes to achieve perfection.

The Schmiere knueppelhart (roughly translated means ‘Rock Hard’) comes in a massive tin, none of this tiny rubbish, that is gone in 5 minutes, and is greenish blue in colour, and as the name suggests it’s rock hard to the touch.

The leaflet that comes with it suggests you heat it up with a hair dryer to soften, but a good poke with your thumb soon softens it, and you are away. Although it does slightly resemble blue tack when you first put it on your hands, once warmed it becomes clear and is applied really easily. Once combed through, the quaff is easily styled, quick bit of hairspray to keep it in place, and you are done. Quick, easy and your get a stand up quiff. This product wins for me hands down. If you are looking for more of a geaser quiff, then this ain’t for you, as it gives more of a matt natural look. I think it’s ace, and I think you will too.
The finished quiff

Couldn’t find anywhere in the UK that had it in stock, so I got mine from:


Nicky Rockets


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