Friday, 14 October 2011

Storage Solutions

BettyTowers is a lovely little mid Victorian terrace, Its got some fabulous period features and is as cosy a house as you could hope to find. It does however have one problem.
What it has in character it lacks in storage. Tiny cupboards and limited space are the bane of my life.
In response to this  I have had to come up with ingenious ways to store things. Using second hand finds to stash things is something I am a big fan of.Here are some ways I use my junk shop finds to keep my home neat and tidy.
Containers for cleaning products.
I love this bucket style container which I found at a car boot sale. It holds all my kitchen cleaning products perfectly. I also have one for my washing powder and softener in the utility room.
Soaps-It really does do what it says on the tin

1950's Cough Sweet Tin for buttons
Ive had this tin for years and picked it up for ten pence at an attic sale. As a bit of a thrifter I always save buttons so I can update cardigans or use them on craft projects. This tin is perfect and whenever I find  a new button it gets put in this cute little tin.

Kittens and Buttons-there is a song in that

Pottery Chicken for ribbons
As with buttons I also keep ribbons and lace. So many things you buy now come with ribbon and I can't bear to throw it away. It means when I wrap gifts I can really go to town on festooning the wrapping with lots of brightly coloured decoration. This pottery chicken which my mother in law gave me (and always reminds me of the series Bread) is the perfect place to throw them in.
Ma Boswells finest ribbon holder

Biscuit Tin for my Sewing Supplies
At a car boot a few years ago I found this shortbread tin and just loved the picture on it (the soldiers look like they are basically perving at the 1940's crumpet) It now houses my emergency sewing kit.
All my sewing items perfectly stored

Milk Jug as a paint brush holder
I am potty about pottery and am always looking for new ways to display my china collection. This pink milk jug works a treat as a place to store my paint brushes.
Pretty in pink

Glass Decorative Bottle as penny jar
Mister Bee like many men loves to come home and empty all his loose coins  from his pockets onto the table. This old glass bubble bath bottle (in the shape of  a rather superior looking cat) means I no longer moan at him about this habit as it swiftly gets put "in the cat" It also means I always have money to pay the milkman.
My tummy is full of shrapnel

So those are just a few vintage inspired storage ideas from my home. I would love to hear yours.


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