Monday, 17 October 2011

Six Handbags for Six Days

Like many women I simply adore handbags, high street, designer, second hand, I am like Switzerland when it comes to bag candy-I don't have favourites I like them all.
To give you just a small taste of my vast collection here are the bags I have used over the last six days.
Balanciaga Baby.A day of running errands, post office, bank, supermarket. I brought this bag about five years ago. I had lusted after it for months and it cost half a months wages but it has been worth every penny. The leather is butter soft and it fits in a huge amount of stuff. It sits so comfortably on the crook of my arm. I just love it.

Balanciaga-an oldie but a Goldie

I'm meeting a friend for coffee so time for my Lulu Guinness bag to make an appearance. This cherry red tote bag with black patent handles and a poodle print is such a good example of vintage inspired design with a modern twist. I always feel very chic when I use it.
Lulu Guinness-Perfect vintage inspired design

I'm enrolling in university today to study an MA. I don't have a satchel so use my  Mulberry Roxanne to channel a little back to school attitude.Its tan leather and copper coloured buckle make me feel sufficiently studious.This was another investment buy. I do look after all my bags and even keep them in their dust bags so hopefully I can pass them onto my little girl one day.
My Mulberry makes a perfect satchel
I'm going on a charity shop expedition today so need my hands free. My Bettie Page circle bag is perfect as it fits across me but has room for my purse, phone and notebook.I brought this in LA a few years ago. Its one of my favourite small bags and has been all over the world.
VooDoo Doll Bettie Page

Today I'm meeting with my publishers so am bringing out the big guns.My Burberry bucket bag with matching silk scarf in my hair makes me feel very grown up.I adore classic British design and despite the battering Burberry has received at the hands of the fakers I still love it. I brought this bag from Browns the department store during a weekend away in Dublin a few years ago. Nicky Rockets brought me the matching silk scarf later in the same year.Totally timeless I use them again and again.
Best of British Burberry
I'm working at a Vintage Pamper party today so need a big roomy bag for all those extra make up supplies I have to take-this leopard print bowling bag by Primark is perfect.

Whats your favourite bag? or do you have  a different one for every day of the week too?


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