Sunday, 9 October 2011

Plus size shapewear

Psst-I'm going to let you into a secret. A secret that many ladies who love 50's clothes all share-what can this be I hear you ask? 
Before and after. From fat cat to sleekish kitty

The secret is magic underwear.
When I say magic underwear I don't mean they grant three wishes and turn your ex boyfriend into a toad-no magic in a much better way. I'm talking about underwear which pulls in your waist, lifts your boobs and gives the perfect smooth shape for your wiggle dress. No longer the territory of matronly types wearing 24 hour girdles, support underwear has been transformed over the last few years and if you long for the perfect hourglass figure they are a girls best friend.
Here are my favourites.

Gok Wan Body Shaper
Gok can do little wrong in my eyes. Every girl I know loves his range of underwear and this body shaper is  just fabulous. Pulling you in without breaking your ribs and remarkably comfortable for shapewear.Deservedly a best seller.
Loving Gok

The original and arguably the best for pulling in your tummy. Spanx take no prisoners and will smooth inches off your hips and stomach so are great for a special occasion or when wearing something which is very fitted. Be warned they are quite hard to wear for more than a few hours and getting them off can be time consuming as they tend to stick like glue but for real curve control these certainly deliver.
Spanx-Tough but effective

Miss Mary Of Sweden
I remember seeing pictures of Miss Mary corsets in my mums catalogue when I was a child. Slightly sturdy looking older women smiling winningly in rather large looking underwear. The Miss Mary range is still quite old fashioned looking but it offers the most shaping for the least discomfort of any of the shapewear Ive tried. Its rather thick straps mean its only suitable to wear with certain dresses but it is a favourite of mine nevertheless.
Miss Mary-A classic
What Katie Did Glamour Corselette
What Katie Did are the undisputed queens of vintage inspired underwear. Their Glamour Corselette is not only beautiful but gives you an amazing shape. The last word for a tinier waist, perter boobs and underwear which has none of the "granny" factor of a lot of shapewear .

What Katie Did-Simply fabulous

Trinny and Susannah All in One Body Smoother
We all grew up watching Trinny and Susannah grabbing women's wobbly bits and encouraging them (sometimes rather forcibly) into big tummy control pants and it seems those girls did know a thing or two. Their All in one body smoother is great for under pencil skirts and Bettie Page style dresses.
Trinny and Susannah-Great under a pencil skirt
So there you have it-my secrets to an hourglass figure.


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  1. Spanx are a girls best friend! xo, rv

  2. How marvellous is that musical print dress! Where oh where did you get it from?

  3. Spanx is my middle name baby!!!!!!!
    You look well lush in that frock, tres jealous.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed this post. My dress was made for me by a seller on e-bay a few years ago.x

  5. Oh my goodness thank you so much for the pointer - I just cannot give up cupcakes ;) but that Gok Wan contraption looks just the ticket! Lovely blog post as ever xx

  6. I wear my magic knickers a size too small!!! Either I'm seroiusly cheating or really, really can't ditch the cup-cakes.....

  7. That's a fab colour dress my sweet. I like the Gok range. That man *really* understands women. x

  8. Glad you enjoyed my sunday secret. Gok Wan can support my bangers any time ha ha . Thanks for the lovely comments about my dress. A lady from an ebay store made it for me.


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