Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kate Moss: Kiss Me Kate

Ive aways had a bit of a style crush on Kate Moss. Unlike so many of the other "supermodels" she looks like she knows she is just a chick from Croydon who got lucky and is enjoying the ride as long as it lasts. Whilst her style isn't one which would work for me I think she epitomises rock chick cool like no other.
So I have been loving the adverts for her new range of "Kate"make up.Wearing a shade of red which looks like it was made for me, she has never looked so beautiful.
I'm quite a fan of Rimmels lipsticks. they are great value and have a fabulous range of shades and are real pocket money prices.
I decided to treat myself to the shade seen in the adverts which is 01.
 I have to say i absolutely love it. The packaging is the bog standard Rimmel black plastic but with the added embellishment of Kate's signature but at £5.49 I'm not complaining.
Kiss Me Kate

Its a great red, very conditioning and very long lasting. I wore it to last Saturdays pamper box and it survived two cups of tea, lunch and teaching a workshop before it needed reapply. My only small complaint would be the smell. its quite sweet, almost like bubblegum and I would have liked less fragrance but other than that it performs really well and for the price point is really great quality.

So top marks for Kate's Lips. Ive got the "London Look" (despite living on the Wirral) and I love it.

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