Saturday, 15 October 2011

Junk Shop Joy

As someone who loves rifling through second hand shops, car boots fairs and attic sales I am really enjoying the excuse to spend even more time doing this as I gather materials for my book.
I just had to share with you my top find this week.
well hello beautiful

As an avid sewer I have been after a big sewing box for years. Always convinced I would find the perfect one in the end. This little beauty was holding the door open at my local hospice charity shop and it was love at first sight.
Its magic-see how its becomes twice the size
I'm a great believer in junk destiny and the fact that all my sewing items fit perfectly in this box make me even happier that I brought it. With its Concertina style storage its got room for all my bobbins, needles, threads and scissors.
I will never loose my unpicker again
My previous mode of storage for my sewing materials was a big plastic box and I was forever having to tip the entire contents onto the kitchen table to find something. Those days are a thing of the past as I now have a compartment for all my sewing gubbins.
Coloured cottons all present and correct
At ten pounds I probably paid more for it than I should but with its dovetail joints, hand made handle and warm wood its an arts and craft thing of beauty.
Welcome to Betty Bee Towers
All hail the charity shop. I now have  a lovely sewing box which is now on its second outing as a useful storage solution and I gave to charity at the same time. Whats not to love.


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