Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How To Make Halloween Candy Dishes

 I think Halloween is a great opportunity to do Crafts with kids.
This is a fab little project to create bowls to put Trick or Treat sweets in. Its a real old school favourite. paper mache, balloons and plenty of decoupage.
You will need
A mixing bowl
A wooden spoon
Newspaper torn into strips
A balloon
Black spray paint
PVA Glue
Magazine cutouts or wrapping paper with a Halloween theme.

Step One
Mix your glue using flour and water. You can of course use normal PVA glue but there is something so wonderfully messy about making this paste that kids love it.

Step Two
Blow up your balloon

Step Three
Cover each strip of newspaper with your paste and cover your balloon. As you are making a bowl you dont have  to cover the entire thing, just cover it about halfway. Repeat this process until you have a really thick layer all around. Leave to dry (this will take about a day)

Step Four
Burst the balloon and using a sharp pair of scissors cut the edge of your bowl so you have a rim. Also make a hole in either side of your bowl with your scissors or skewer so you can add a handle.

Step Five
Spray your bowl black using black gloss spray paint (you can of course paint it with normal water based paint It will probably just need a few more applications.

Step Six
Cut out Halloween pictures (I found mine online at a copyright free decoupage site) and glue them onto your bowl, inside and out.

Step Seven
Varnish your bowl with quick drying varnish. You will need t reapply the varnish up to six times to get a really nice hard shiny finish.Add a ribbon handle.

Step Eight
Get ready for Halloween and go trick or treating.
Trick Or Treat

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