Friday, 7 October 2011

How To Make Halloween Bunting

Halloween is a great excuse to throw a party (especially if you have little ones) and as I simply love bunting I decided to make some spooky decorations for my daughters Halloween bash in a few weeks time.

What you will need:
Half a metre of fabric preferably with a Halloween motif on.
Four metres of black bias binding or fabric tape
12 plastic skeletons of the type you find on key rings.
Black cotton
A Sewing machine (although these can easily be made by hand)
Cardboard for your pattern (I used a cereal box)
Tailors Chalk

Create a template for your bunting. Using your cardboard. I simply measured out a square and then folded it in half. Then draw a line from the top corners to the middle point where the paper has been folded to form a triangle. (Approx 19 x 21 cms)
You can download the bunting template here:

Cut your fabric triangles out, using your pattern to trace out the shape with tailors chalk. You will need fronts and backs so this tutorial makes enough for 12

Sew your bunting triangles together (wrong side way round) leaving a gap at the top of approximately 3 cms so you can turn them out.

Once all your triangles are sewed turn them out using a pencil

Pin your bunting onto your fabric tape and leave a three cms gap between each triangle.Sew the bunting to the fabric tape.

Use your pliers to remove the keyriings from your skeletons (leave the metal loop at the top their skulls)

Sew your skeletons in-between your bunting.

Enjoy a spooky Tea party.

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