Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Party Ideas

I absolutely love Halloween and always go quite mad with decorations and costumes. This year was no different and because my little girl is also now beginning to appreciate the fun that this spooky time of year brings we decided to throw a big party for her and her friends.
Welcome To Halloween At Betty Bee Towers
I love to devise new games for parties so decided to create a spooky treasure hunt in our garden. Using large blocks of polystyrene which I brought from a DIY store I cut out headstone shapes and carved silly names into them. A quick spray of black paint and they turned my garden into a graveyard.

These Polystyrene Headstones Looked Great And Took No Time To Make
No Halloween celebration would be complete without plenty of pumpkins so I carved lots of them in various designs so I could have them inside the house, in the garden and of course one by the front door. I used a simple pumpkin carving set which I brought from pound land. Seeing some orange flowers in the supermarket gave me the idea of using a pumpkin as a make shift vase. I also stuck fake vampire teeth in a few as well which looked very comical.

Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkin Vases
As regular readers of my blog will know I made my Halloween bunting and Halloween tree decorations a few weeks ago so they ensured the inside of the house looked suitably creepy yet festive.
The Halloween Tree

Skelebob Bunting
I also love these Pumpkin lanterns. They look fab blowing from the trees in the garden and I also used one as a Halloween pinata which the kids seemed to particularly enjoy.
Pumpkin Lanterns
Preparing Halloween party food is just such good fun. Anything goes. I recently picked up an old copy of Family Circle magazine from 1968 and the recipes were hilarious. I followed a few for this party including the egg witches with salami hats and olive eyes.
Hard Boiled Witch egg Anyone? Anyone..
I also made Spider biscuits using Oreos covered in black icing with liquorice legs and fried egg sweets as eyes
Spider Cookies
And Dracula Cupcakes which were just simple sponge cupcakes covered in icing with fang sweets and fried egg sweets which I coloured with red food dye.
Dracula Cupcakes
Kids always go mad for jelly so a nice slime green one with an eyeball centre piece seemed to go down well.
Green Slime Jelly
Add plenty of sweets (I'm particularly fond of the chocolate dead men's fingers) and away you go.
Deadmens Fingers-Yum
I also made a lovely punch using apple juice, Cinnamon, oranges, lemons and a great punch herb mix which I brought from the supermarket and which came in a teabag. For the adults I added pear cider (well children's party's go so much easier with a glass in your hand)
The Spooky Table
For costumes this year I went for a Katy Perry inspired witch (any excuse for a purple wig) Nicky Rockets was a bequiffed werewolf and Baba was Dracula's Bride.
The Bee's Ready To Do The Monster Mash
Happy Halloween. May your night be fun, spooky and involve eating many sweeties.

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