Saturday, 29 October 2011

halloween nail art tutorial

When it comes to nail art there is no one who does it better than my friend Lisa Duffy. I spied her Halloween themed nails a few days ago and just had to share with you how spectacular they are. Lisa has very kindly agreed to be today's guest blogger. Take it away Ms D.

Thanks to Betty for asking me to do a guest spot on her fabalicious blog.
A little about me – I love taking photos, Morrissey, gin, zombies, Reeses peanut butter cups and nail geekery.
That’s all you need to know for now.
As it’s my favourite time of year – Halloween (and Dia de Los Muertos just a couple of days after) – I thought i’d share my ‘Halloween Nails’ with you.
I did a bit of research by looking at youtube videos and picked the designs that I thought were most ‘do-able’ on my at-the-moment-shortish nails and designs that are manageable with my left hand!
I have many, many polishes and items of nail paraphernalia – about 600 polishes, but don’t tell a soul. My favourite brands are OPI, China Glaze, Nails Inc and Orly – but if I like a colour and the polish is good quality I will buy it – a good brush is everything!

(Maybe i’ll do a general nail item at a later date if Betty will let me ;) )

So I wrote down the colours needed for the designs I had chosen and lined ‘em up. I like to get everything ready before I start so that I don’t get a ‘boo boo’ on a nail searching for something i’ve forgotten!

I’ve taken photos of the polishes i’ve used. I buy nail wheels – about £2 for 10 from Ebay – and like to test out polishes/designs on there first – see photos.
First – I decided which designs i’d put on each nail and painted the base accordingly.

I have an assortment of fine brushes – these can be bought from art supply shops or Ebay, and also a few ‘spriper polishes’ – from Ebay too – Ebay is a fantastic source of nail supplies – and really good value too.
There are some step by step photos for you to have a look at and also some snaps of the finished designs.
Of course, the ones on the nail wheel turned out a little more polished – i’m not ambidextrous and had to pick out the more simple designs for my right hand!

Right – i’m off – a friend bought me a genuine Mexican Dia de Los Muertos skull from her recent travels and I need to put it onto my little Halloween display!
Happy Halloween and, just two days later, Happy Dia de Los Muertos to one and all – eat, drink and remember lost loved ones with a smile!!


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