Thursday, 20 October 2011

Halloween Decorations

I love Halloween especially decorating the house along with the traditional pumpkin picking at the local farm. It’s a family tradition making Jack-o’-lanterns, yummy pumpkin soup and pumpkin muffins. I am always trying out new ideas and I would very much like to share with you my homemade Halloween Vintage Style Tree decoration.

What you will need for your homemade Halloween Tree:
  • Light wight card
  • Crape paper (black)
  • Images of Halloween or you can cut out images from magazines
  • Glue, scissors, ruler
  • Shiny paper
  • Sewing thread needle or sewing machine
  • Twigs
  • Ribbon for hanging loop
  • Vase or container.

Step 1 Cutting out the card squares.

Using a ruler start to mark out your squares 6.5cm x 6.5cm then very carefully with a craft knife cut out. Put to one side.
Step 2 – Making the Halloween frill

Making and cutting the crepe paper for the frill I folded the crepe paper first then pencil marked 3cm then cut a strip to create one long length. Cut in to two half's. Repeat this procedure 3 more times. Put to one side.
Step 3 – Stitching the 2 rows of gathering using a Sewing Machine

Once you have cut your length of crepe paper 3cm wide then with a sewing machine stitch two rows for gathering or you can gather up by hand. Tip: Take care while gathering the crap paper is not very strong and can tear easily.
Step 4 – Find Halloween Images

Next you will need to find some Halloween images. I found mine on the Internet and then printed them but you can cut images out of magazine if you prefer. Put to one side
Step 5- Stitch on the Frill

Gathered frill - very carefully start to gather the crepe paper making sure it's even all the way along. Tip: Take your time .
Step 6- Cut and Stitch the Ribbon for Hanging.

Cut a small length of ribbon 7/8 cm long and stitch the 2 ends to the back of frame.
Step 7- Add a Shiny Background

I used a shiny gold paper to cover up the stitches and this also adds a background to the Halloween image glue into place
Step 8 – Neaten the Back of the Frame

Cut a square of white card for the back of frame this will neaten the back of the frame make sure that the loop is sandwiched between the card leave to dry

Step 9 – Cut out your Halloween images and glue in to the center of frame.
Finished Halloween picture frames all ready to hang on to the branches


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