Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Best: 5 Activities to enjoy with family

I love Sundays. I often work on a Saturday so having a whole day off with my family is particularly precious.
Here are the things which make my Sunday perfect.
Being a Beach Bum
Spending time on West Kirby Beach with my beautiful daughter. Rain or shine it never fails to blow the cobwebs away and lift the spirits.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Getting Inky Fingers
Reading all the Sunday papers and catching up on my magazines. I'm often so busy in the week I just have time for a quick glance at the online papers and some hits of radio 4 but because Sunday is all about not being rushed I luxuriate in buying all the papers and reading them. Broadsheets, tabloids, The whole sheebang Heaven.
Now lets see what that mad bitch Liz Jones is up to
Indulging My Inner Domestic Goddesss
Baking makes me so relaxed and it fills the whole house with a lovely aroma which signals no work, only play.And cake, lots of cake.
Baking-Its so relaxing.

Ladies Who Lunch
Meeting friends for lunch at my favourite cafe Sweet pea in West Kirby is such a great way to unwind. Delicious food, great company. Its what Sundays are all about.
A nice casual outfit for a Sunday brunch

Jammin With My Husband
Having time to send with the lovely Nicky Rockets is fab. He plays guitar, I play ukulele and together we make if not sweet then very "creative" music.

Mr & Mrs Bee strumming away

So these are some of my ingredients for a splendid Sunday. What are yours?


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