Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Vintage Advertising: When Babies Shaved And Husbands Spanked Wives

Following the popularity of last weeks post "You will never see these adverts again" I thought i would pull a few more classics from the archives for your viewing entertainment.

I hope these enetertained you. I better get going, Ive left the baby with a razor and a can of shaving foam and if I burn Nicky Rockets dinner I am in for a spanking-Toodle Pip!



  1. I love old adverts, before health and safety took over the world and of course before feminism was even a concept it seems! I've never seen the one with the wife on her knees serving breakfast before though. hmmmm.

  2. Oh some news ones for me here - never seen the Mr Leggs one - that's really horrible!

  3. Love these posts mmm dill on 7up not a good idea lol

  4. I love showing my husband these. Its amazing how everything has changed.


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