Thursday, 27 October 2011

Corpse Bride Make Up Tutorial

Today's Guest post is by the beautiful Lilly Von Pink. Make Up Artist extraordinaire.
Take a look at her easy guide to creating Corpse Bride make up for Halloween.

This is from one of my favourite animations Tim Burton's 'the corpse bride' it such a fun look
I Used:
  • ELF Primer
  • White & Blue Snazaroo face paint
  • ELF HD Powder 
  • Black Eye Pencil
  • Eyeshadow in Light Blue and Teal blue
  • False Lash's
  • Pink Lip liner
  • Pale Pink Lipstick
As always start with clean dry moisturised skin and apply primer I used ELF Primer.

1.Mix the white and Blue snazaroo to a very light blue I made it a watery consistency as I didn't want
it too face painted looking. if you haven't got face paint use a really pale foundation.
( if I was going out for Halloween I would also cover my neck and chest)
2. Set with powder I used ELF HD powder 

3. Using a blue eyeshadow suck in your cheeks and find the hollow and apply the eyeshadow
so it has a sunken look.

4. Take the teal eyeshadow and apply it to the eye lid then use
The blue eyeshadow to contour and deepen the eye socket.

5. Next fill in and contour your eyebrows to the very cartoon shape just like the corpse bride
(well after all this is a cartoon).

6. Apply Lashes to the bottom lash line giving you a doll eye look.
7. Then apply lash's to the top lash line.

8. Draw the corpse bride signature exposed jaw. I used a eyeliner pencil to draw the shape
and I painted in the teeth with white face paint.

9. Line and fill lips with a pale pink, giving yourself a slightly over sized pout 

10. Enjoy being the corpse Bride. being dead never looked so glamorous!


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