Monday, 24 October 2011

Hen Party Liverpool

When I am not writing or running my Plus size tee shirt company  I run a company called the Vintage Pamper Box with my friend Lilly Von Pink. 
Betty and Lilly's Vintage Pamper Box
Its great fun and most Saturdays you will usually find me, Lilly and our good friend Lena having the time of our lives teaching groups of sassy ladies the art of vintage inspired glamour. 
One of our lovely clients having been transformed 
A few years ago me and Lilly ran a burlesque night on the Wirral called The Cherry Lounge. It was a great experience and through it we met lots of really lovely women. They would always ask us two questions. "where can I learn to do burlesque" and "How do I learn to do my hair and make up like you"
We were asked so many times we decided to hold a one off event just to see if the interest shown was real and because we thought it would be a lovely way to spend an afternoon. 
Nick Beedles photography is simply stunning
We asked one of the burlesque performers we knew to run a short class as part of it and as I'm married to an amazing photographer Nicky Rockets  who already did a lot of cheesecake 50's inspired work asked if he would take some pictures of our ladies once they had been made over by me and Lilly.
Victory Rolls at the ready
The response was amazing. We sold the first class out in a week. Buoyed by our success we put on another event which  sold out. Slowly it dawned on us that this could become a business. From that small start two years ago we have worked on TV adverts, taken our portable Pamper booth to all manner of vintage inspired weddings and events and do at least four private events a month.
Betty, Lilly & Lena with the portable pamper booth
We were even featured in the Liverpool Echo in Woman in Business week and have received some great press coverage Its a whirlwind but such good fun and working with my friends Lilly and Lena means its always a laugh.
Featured in the business pages
Our workshops cover 1950's hair and make up styles and we encourage everyone to do the make up on themselves as we do the step by step class so they can take the tips and techniques home. 
Flawless make up inspired by the 1950's
We of course are on hand to re-do or touch up make up and we always create beautiful hairstyles for each girl so they can channel their inner siren.
Step by step lessons packed full of tips
Often women who have very low self esteem are amazed by the transformation and by seeing the end results in Nicks wonderful photographs and finally start to believe that they are sexy and glamorous-which is so rewarding.
Classic Cheesecake
When we started doing these classes we did took the Heineken advert approach of "if Heineken did vintage pamper events" we wanted them to be the type of event we would like to attend. With this in mind we serve tea and cake on vintage china, play great 50's music and use wonderful burlesque dancers to teach our classes (Fannie Divine is a regular and we've also been lucky enough to use Dani California and Millie Dollar)
Burlesque fun
I like to think we are spreading the good word of vintage beauty one victory roll at a time. We've recently became sponsored by the amazing make up brand Rockalily so life for the Vintage Pamperbox continues to be very exciting and very busy and we wouldn't have it any other way.We are holding a rare open event with a craft theme on February the 25th 2012 in Liverpool. A day of crafts, hair and make up and fabulous photography mail me for details.
Betty & Lilly-Spreading the good word of vintage glamour
Signing off with a wiggle and a wink!


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