Saturday, 1 October 2011

Haberdashery shops

Oh to sew

Apart from book shops haberdashery shops are one of my favorite places to go.I view visits to them as a huge treat and feel quite excited beforehand. It must be what some women feel about shoes. Almost like going on  a date but one which you know will have a fabulous ending.
Bolts of fabric-Ready to be transformed

My mum was a fashion designer and dress maker when I was a child so much of my formative life was spent in tiny back street fabric shops, looking at jewelled buttons and bolts of brightly coloured silks and lace.
Jars of brightly coloured buttons looking like sweeties

Ive never lost my love of being in these places. To me they buzz with a sort of creative excitement. All you need to make a fabulous project is right there at your fingertips.
Rolls of bias ready to adorn your bunting

If you find a really good haberdashery not only will they have fabric, buttons and bows but a hundred things you never knew you needed but now seem impossible to leave.
the sequins were my favourite as a child and I still love them now
Doll needles for upholstery, embroidery silks in every colour of the rainbow, bias binding in polka dots and cherry's. Its  a visual feast , bursting with potential.
Silks in every colour
I find these places so calm and they often have the quiet hush of  a church about them. They are in fact  a temple to the oldest skill in the world-that of making things to adorn ourselves and our homes.
Sparkly buttons-just waiting to be added to a coat or cardigan

Where is your favourite place to relax? Is there one place you aways associate with happiness?


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