Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Vintage hair flowers

I absolutely love hair adornments. Whatever the event or season you can guarantee I will be wearing something in my hair. Whether its a simple flower, a headscarf or a fasinator I simply don't feel dressed unless I have something in my barnet.
Victory Rolls are not complete without a flower
It may be in part due to the fact that I have quite rubbish hair. Inherited from my father in its natural state its rather like "thin brown mist" to steal a line from the Mighty Boosh, so by dressing my hair with a variety of hair candy I feel I can somehow turn the tide on the bad card mother nature handed me in the follicle stakes.
Being a bit of  a hair accessory expert I have brought hair clips and fasinators from here, there and everywhere and am fiercely loyal to the few brands I think are truly creative and inspiring. My hit list includes a great face book store called Shanty Tramp who make particularly fabulous big flowers
Wearing my big yellow Shanty Tramp Flower

The very talented Lily Von Pink who also happens to be my best friend make gorgeous hair clips. I love her work and this Geisha girl hair fasinator is one of my all time favourites.Her work has been worn by Imelda May so I'm in good company.

My beautiful Lily Von Pink hair fasinator
The girls at Tiki Tearaway make wonderful Hawaiian themed hair clips and I'm very fond of all the little bird clips Ive brought from them (I also brought a Christmas robin from them last year which I proudly showed off on Christmas day)
Tiki Tearaway-Im like a bird I'll only fly away

One of the most talented designers of hair fasinators and head scarves in my opinion is Diablo Jo. Whenever I have an important event like a wedding or a big night i always go to Diablo Jo's amazing website. Her creations are often Mexican themed and always amazing. I wore one of her Dracula hair fasinators when I went to the Martini Lounge burlesque night last Halloween and received compliments about it all night.I recently ordered two beautiful headscarves from her including one with Freida Karlo on which are just fab and perfect for what I call school run hair (you know, you look like you have stuck your finger in a plug socket and need urgent assistance well these head scarves offer that)

My Diablo Jo Halloween hair fasinator

Loving my Diablo Jo Freida Karlo headscarf
For seasonal fun items I also buy quite a lot of Clutterfly hair clips. I love to get ones personalised  and I adored their Christmas range last year. My "Be Merry" hair clip will be dug out again at around December the 12th for another round of hair entertainment.

My "Be Merry" Hairclip by Cluterfly

If you never wear hair accessories or feel a bit self conscious about anything too big (as you can see from these photos that train has well and truly left the station with me) then start with something small, a delicate flower or a bejewelled hair clip. You will be amazed how pretty it will make you feel and how once you start no outfit will feel complete unless you are wearing some sort of hair adornment to compliment it.
Clip in a flower, you know you want to.


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  1. Aww your soo sweet hunny! Thank you for including us :D

    Love Clutterfly Nat xxx

  2. Betty you are always saying the loveliest things! You wear it so well! ;D Thankyou so much from Diablo jo's! :) x x x

  3. Thanks ladies. I love your work. They make my head happy. Excited to see your hallowen and Christmas ranges. They are always my favourites. Nat I have worn quite a lot of Clutterfly for the photos for my Vintage Life articles. You can see them on my facebook page in the folder called "Published work" Planning to order a "Craft Queen" one soon ha ha. Jo Ive already had so many compliments about my Sugar skull clip. My little girl is insisting she gets a pink one so let me now when you ahve them in stockx

  4. Betty as always you wear each and everyone of your amazing hair accessories with style and look lovely in each picture.

  5. Thank you for the mention Mrs Bee! You're always welcome with Shantytramp. I also love all the other ladies & brands that you've written about here. All talented & lovely ladies with a unique perspective on a hugely varied scene. Mwuah! xxxx

  6. Pink skulls are back in stock sweet for your little lady! :D Jools thats a lovely comment- your work is fab Keep it up! :D

    Diablo Jo <3 x x

  7. You look so cute! I love things in my hair. In fact, I may have an obsession with hair things. XO, Rae


  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Hope Ive inspired you all to stick a flower in your hair tomorrow x

  9. I think I'm like you; I have fluffy, fine, rebellious hair which needs bossing around. Accessories hold it in place and add some interest!

    My favourite style is a cheeky embellished alice band, although I'm loving buns with oversized kitsch bows/bands around them too at the moment!

  10. Loving the sound of the embellished Alice bands Perdita-might give them a go myself xx

  11. Just read this post- I was wondering where you get all the amazing scarves you wear in your hair? All the ones I find just fall out throughout the day but yours look so great!


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