Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Top tips for travelling by train in comfort

I'm off to London today for a business meeting.I rarely get to visit the big smoke and its always fab to revisit the capital. I did live there for many years and whilst the Wirral is my spiritual home its great to wave at Buck Palace and say hello to the Queen once in a while.
Im off to London to see the Queen
I always prepare for train journeys quite carefully. I think its nice to treat it like a tiny slice of "me" time. I always travel in the quiet carriage, switch my phone off and relax. I might do a little reading, perhaps some writing on my laptop or listen to some music on my i-pod. Since becoming a mum I get very little down time so its a huge treat. Here is my hit list of what to take to make your journey a joy instead of a chore.

A Book To Read
Probably the most important  thing to take. I have to have at least one book to read. I usually buy a nice chunky broadsheet as well so I can catch up on whats happening in the world.
A good book makes the journey fly by
Pillow Spray and Snuggle Pillow
Its unfortunate but true that often you get on a train to find the window next to you covered in head grease and with a back rest that doesn't exactly encourage you to sit back and relax. I combat this by taking my Sleep anywhere Snuggle up travel pillow. This little furry bean bag is small enough to stick in your bag and means you can rest your head anywhere and feel comfortable. Its all about the little luxuries.
This travel pillow is furry and fabulous

Following on from this I also always carry a small bottle of pillow mist. If a head rest is particularly smelly a few squirts of this on it followed by by travel pillow takes away the yuck factor. I'm currently loving this one by Champneys
Pillow mist a must for greasy head rests
Flask of tea
I hate waiting for grumpy staff to bring a trolley and then charge me a fortune for  a bad cup of tea so I always take a flask. I'm particularly loving my new Cath Kidston Vintage rose flask. Who said being prepared couldn't be cute.
The sweetest flask for my tea

A Notebook
Sitting on a train watching the world go by is a great time to think about new ideas and I often find inspiration for my blog and feature writing strikes when I travel. I always have at least one notebook on me. My current fave is this one by Paperchase well its got tea cups on-whats not to love.
A lovely notebook to record my thoughts

That's my travel style? Whats yours?


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