Thursday, 22 September 2011

How To Make Tea Light Holders

Its Nicky Rockets birthday party on Saturday so we are all busily preparing the house. I always like to have lots of little candles and tea lights dotted around the garden and as I was sorting through the recycling I suddenly thought how easy it would be to make tea light holders out of our recycled tin cans. Its so simple.

So twinkly and so easy to make

Step One
You will need some clean tin cans-peel the labels off and put them through the dishwasher so they are really shiny. Some pliers, some metal garden twine and a drill with a small tile drill bit, a pencil.

Do the cancan

The right tools for the job

Step Two
Secure your tin can in a vice or on your workbench.Draw your design on your can in pencil. Simple shapes like hearts, stars and crosses work best.

Slowly does it

Step Three
Drill holes around your shape. Also drill a hole in either side of your can for your handle to go through.
Simple patterns work best

Step Four
Cut your metal wire to the right length and twist to secure on each side.


Step Five
Light your tea light, put in your tealight holder and hang from a tree or line up on your decking. I hope it goes without saying but never leave a lit candle unattended.
Tah dah! A Tin Can Tea Light Holder
Make a few and hang them in your garden


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