Thursday, 8 September 2011

How To Make Everyday Special

I'm a great believer in making everyday special. Ive never really understood people who save things for "best" or only wear really nice clothes on "big nights out". I think the way you treat yourself says a lot about how you view life in general. Its not about spending lots of money on silly handbags so you can feel like Alexa Chung for a day and then worry about the debt for three months, its about incorporating tiny pockets of luxury throughout your day every day.Here are a few examples of what I do.

Pamper My Hands While I'm On The Phone
Keeping my paws pretty
I'm a crafter, a gardener and a mum so my hands do a lot of work. To keep them soft I use some Rose scented Crabtree and Evelyn  hand cream whenever I'm on the phone. It keeps my hands super soft and smelling gorgeous.

Drink My Tea Out Of A China Tea Cup

A cup of chai in china

I believe that so much of our life is made up of small rituals and if we send ourselves positive affirmations as we go about these rituals it gives us a greater sense of well being. To this end I always make my tea in a warmed teapot (earl grey) and drink it out of my favourite china tea cup. It makes me feel special in a way that drinking out of a mug just doesn't.

Burning Incense

I love my home to small fabulous and something I treat myself to is Nitraj Nagchampa Incense sticks which I buy from a company called Pilgrims They are slightly more expensive than normal incense but they smell heavenly. As soon as I walk in the door of my home I can smell these and it makes me so happy.

Sitting Under My Pink Blanket

For one joyous season many moons ago Lulu Guinness designed a range for Debenhams. Part of which  was the most exquisite pink quilted blanket which I scrimped and saved to buy and which still remains one of my most prized possession's. Whenever I feel I need some "me" time I throw this over me, grab a book and instantly feel all is well with the world.

These are the small things I do to make the  everyday feel special. What do you do?


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