Saturday, 10 September 2011

How to make Fairy Lanterns

As we squeeze the very last out of evenings outdoors its great to light some lanterns and place them throughout your garden. These can also be used in the house and look very pretty.This is a great project to do with kids as it literally takes five minutes and is a brilliant demonstration of upcyling in its most simple form.

This is a great "quickie" crafts project to do with kids

You will need old jam jars from the recycling, wire, pliers, ribbon and tea lights.

Root through your recycling bin

Put handles on your jam jars by wrapping the wire twice around the lid of your jar. You can create a little handle as well by shaping your wire into an arc. Clip any excess with your wire cutters.

Make a little handle

Decorate with ribbon around the lid. If you want you can also decorate the jars with glass paint as I did at a recent craft night I attended.You can also just stick pictures from magazines or wrapping paper on them as using some PVA glue.

Tie some ribbon around your jar

You can do some decoupage

Stick a tea light inside and Voila you have made fairy lanterns. These look lovely hung from trees and dotted throughout the garden.

Happy Fairy Lantern Making.


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