Thursday, 15 September 2011

Confidence Tricks

Yesterday I had a very exciting meeting about my writing.I will reveal all soon but its fair to say that beforehand I was nervous, really nervous. People often think that I am a naturally confident person and whilst it would be a lie to say I spend every hour crippled with self doubt I do get slightly nervous before meeting new people and when I have to teach large groups of women at my Vintage Pamper Days.

Teaching large groups can be nerve wracking
I have a few tricks which always seems to work for me when I need to project a calm persona but am quaking inside. Here are my confidence tips.

Be Prepared
Do your homework
If I'm meeting a potential new client or teaching a class I always ensure I'm well prepared. Its manners to memorise peoples names and if appropriate their title. I also try and find out as much as I can about a company before setting foot in the door so I have at the very least a basic understanding of their company profile and customer demographic. If its a personal matter (say a meeting with my daughters teacher, or I have to make a complaint) I always jot down two or three points and take them with me. This means if nerves get the better of me I can refer to my notes and get back on track.

Look Your Very Best
A little bit of red lippy goes a long way
Real confidence has to come from within but feeling you look a million dollars doesn't hurt either. If you have a big day to face, the prospect of bad news or an exam to take, plan your outfit in advance. Wear something you feel amazing in but which is also comfortable (trying to fish your thong out of your bum two minutes before meeting the chairman of ICI might not be a great ego booster) Always carry a small mirror with you, some face power, tissues and perfume. A quick check of your appearance before you step into the lions den stops that dreadful "oh no please don't say they are looking at me like that because I have a bogey hanging out my nose/sweaty face/lipstick on my teeth" moment.

Yes Im smiling, I have a cake in my hand

Smile and the whole word smiles with you, yeah right or thinks you are vaguely simple. Whilst walking around with a big grin plastered on your face perhaps isn't always appropriate (funerals and meetings with your bank manager about your overdraft should perhaps be a grin free zone) entering a room with a smile on your face and looking people in the eye when you talk to them  are really good ways of  putting others at their ease. Once they are more relaxed so you will be too. Think about your body language. Try not to cross your arms and don't bite your nails or fiddle with jewellery. By "acting" confident you will start to feel confident. Its a self fulfilling prophecy

These are my tips for projecting confidence-What are yours?


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