Monday, 26 September 2011

How To Avoid The Monday Blues

Ive always hated Sunday nights. Its the niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach that reminds you that the weekend is nearly over and routine and responsibility await. Although I'm fortunate in that I really love what  I do for a living I still vaguely dread Mondays. Back on the school run treadmill, back to answering e-mails, paying bills, being a grow up.
Here are my tips to help make Mondays less blue.

The Futures  Bright The Futures Orange
The scent of oranges is supposed to be a great mood enhancer. Lighting some orange oil in a burner as you get ready for work will not only immediately put you in a caring frame of mind towards yourself (so important ) but will also mean your whole house is filled with a lovely citrus smell which can't help but make you feel positive. If you have no time to use essential oils just eat an orange on the way to work. You are having one of your five a day and the smell will give you a lift.
Oranges are the only fruit for banishing the blues

Factor In A Monday Treat
Having something to look forward to at the beginning of the week can make all the difference to your frame of mind.Its probably too early to go our for dinner  or the movies with friends so choose something which wont break the bank but which you associate with Monday. For me I always put aside something enjoyable for Monday night. For example I've recently subscribed to the Glossybox service where you pay £10 per month and get five luxury beauty samples to try out. I have saved this months Glossybox to open today. Its the big comedown after a great weekend of having a party and having my mum to stay so I know I will be feeling a bit flat. Being able to crack open a box of beauty goodies is just one small way to perk me up. When I haven't got a glossy box (it is monthly after all) I save the latest copy of my favourite magazine Vintage Life or even hoard some guilty pleasure on the i-player like The Bachelor or Celebrity Masterchef and turn it into my Monday booster kit.
My Glossybox works as a great pick me up on a Monday

Rescue Yourself with A Remedy
I always have some Bach's Rescue Remedy in my bag  (well if its good enough for Martha Stewart its good enough for me ) a few drops on the tongue on the morning of what promises to be a long dreary day can make all the difference. Bach's Flower Rescue is a system of 38 Flower Remedies which are supposed to  correct emotional imbalances and replace  negative emotions with  positive ones.Its not exactly Prozac but even by the action of taking it I feel like I'm deciding that the day will be a good one however much I would rather stay in bed.
Flowers to the rescue

Get Some Uplifting Tunes Going On
We all know the power music has to lift the spirits and change the mood. Make sure you are a Monday Blues Ninja and prepare an Anti-Blue Monday playlist on your i-pod. Fill it music which make you feel fantastic, stick your headphones on (Ive just treated myself to some pink skullcandy ones which in themselves make me happy) and send that bad mood packing. My playlist is full of the Girl bands like The Shangri-La's and The Ronettes. Impossible to be grumpy listening to this music.

Thats how I turn my Monday Blues around. What do you do?



  1. Loving that Happy Monday vibe - the Ronettes will do it!! I am just about to have a frothy coffee - a creamy way to start the day.... A Very Happy Monday Morning to you...:)

  2. I definitely needed this. Feeling the Monday blues in full force today. Thanks so much. xo, rv

  3. ooh frothy coffee-you ahve made me want one now ha ha
    Rae-glad to help xx

  4. I have re-tweeted and would love to win that beautiful t-shirt!

  5. Mondays are tough. Blargh. But the new issue of "Vintage Life" arrived this week on Monday, so how about that?!

    I tweeted this giveaway and certainly hope to be a lucky winner. ^.^!/JinxieFox/status/118975669786001409

  6. I had a lovely Monday this week - I was on the beach in the sunshine loving the sun with my lovely labrador and husband - I wish every Monday could be that fun xx

  7. Thanks for the retweat Belle-Good luck in the competition.
    Hpe you enjoy your copy of Vintage Life Wendy-its a great issue this month.
    Sam your Monday souns perfect-I have Monday envy now ha ha

  8. Great tips. My monday wasn't very glamourous - food shopping and housework. But after reading your post I bought some tangerine scented washing up liquid (they didn't have orange) to lift my mood when scrubbing the dishes :) I've also made up a playlist for my ipod with fun, motivational music to blast out.
    I would love to win the tshirt, and I've just tweeted about it too. (@ktmoo)

  9. Fabulous T-shirt, I'd like to enter please. I shall tweet forthwith! @FHCShopping

  10. My Mondays are never a very jolly affair, but this week I received my copy of vintage life and a parcel of cosmetics I'd ordered as a treat. This Monday I'm going to try having and 'what would Elvis do?' day, can't wait :D
    Tweeted too! @candyhandfuls

  11. This weeks winner is BelleDeVie. Congratulations.
    Bad luck to those of yo who mssed out. I will have a brand new giveaway on Monday and you can of course find the tee shirts at


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