Sunday, 11 September 2011

How to make a dartboard birthday cake

Its Nicky Rockets 40th Birthday soon so we are all abuzz with preparation's at Pamper Towers including of course his cake which a good friend of mine is designing (but as Doctor Who's River Song always say "no spoilers")
So while I can't reveal the plans for my husbands cake just yet I can show you the cake I made for my brother in laws 40th birthday last year. He plays for the darts team so taking inspiration from my old favourite Jane Asher I thought I would make him a cake shaped like a dart board. I know nothing about Darts so the Nicky R advised on colours and numbers. Here is how I did it.

So you start with a buttermilk cake any cake will do as long as it can take the weight of a lot of icing so avoid a Victoria sponge-my mum (cake making genius) also recommends carrot cake and Devils Food cake.

If you are not using marzipan (which I'm not as I find it a bit sickly) use some cooled boiled jam brushed over the cake so the icing doesn't slide off-apricot is best but I didn't have any so its plain old strawberry

Roll out your icing-I use ready to roll royal icing-some things are easier to buy off the shelf and icing is one of them-I'm using 2 packs of Morrison's brand here which I've added a bit of cooled boiled water to as it was a bit dry-I roll it out on baking paper to stop it sticking

Cover the whole cake

And cut around the edge

At this point you will need a picture of a dart board for reference. Use food colouring in brown (I'm using chestnut)

Draw your inner circle

And then using a ruler and various round objects draw the whole dart board on the cake

Carefully colour in your cake

Until it is all coloured in

Make up a big batch of silver colour icing and using a number 3 nozzle put on the lines and numbers

I think the original recipe made darts from cocktail sticks and icing but I ran out of time as Nicky R needed help in the garden so instead I heated up the ends of the candles with a lighter and feathered them so they resembled darts. I got hubby to work out a score of 40 on the board and placed the darts in there-voila a dart board birthday cake in two hours which cost about a fiver.
Do you make birthday cakes? Whats been your most fabulous creation to date?


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