Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vintage Holiday Make Up

As all lovers of the vintage look will testify trying to pull off the perfect 40's and 50's hair and make up when on holiday can be very difficult indeed. Whilst most people would tell us to relax and just go with the flow if red lipstick and a pale face are your signature look it just feels wrong to start wearing khaki shorts and a shiny face. But how to wear a look which will survive the heat yet also channel your inner siren. Here's how I tacked this dilemma in the Florida heat a few weeks ago.
My essential holiday make up kit

Make Up
Before starting to apply my make up I put a high factor clear sunscreen on my face. I allowed this a good ten minutes to dry.I use one by Clarins which is particuarly good under makeup and has a nice high sun factor (us vintage gals don't do freckles)
Clarins Sunscreen protects and wont leave you shiny

As foundation tends to sweat off and powder can just look too caked in the heat I swapped my usual porcelain toned foundation and concealer for mineral versions. I used the Elf brand of both in their "fair" shade.I can not rave about Elf's Mineral range enough. its so cheep and yet so easy to use with a flawless finish. Mineral powder does take some getting used to and you do need a proper brush but once you master it its a great alternative to liquid make up especially in environments which make you "glow"
Mineral Powder in fair-helping me stay pale and interesting 

Rather than applying powder blusher to my face on top of the mineral make up I used Benefits Posie Tint. I just love this product. One or two dabs on each cheek make you look like you have had your cheeks pinched and is perfect for that English rose blush.
Posie Tint offering "slight fever" cheeks

In very hot environments I totally forgo my usual eyeshadow, even with primer I find it sits in the creases. Instead I make my liquid eyeliner do all the work. I'm currently using  a brilliant bargain brand I stumbled on in Superdrug. its by a company called 2True (bad name but hey you can't have everything) The liner is called effortless eyeliner. Its definitely one of the best budget liquid eyeliners I have used in a long time. The black is really strong and the felt tip style end makes application really easy. For this holiday look I have made my flicks quite strong.
2True eyeliner-sounds like a bad Spandu ballet song but works a treat

For mascara I used the Momma of mazzys Maybelline The Colossal Volume express. I am always trying out new mascaras and like a guilty wife coming creeping back to Maybelline after flirting with lesser products. This mascara gives you long thick eyelashes but without the clumping you get with so many other products.Top tip- always do your lipstick before you apply your mascara it allows your eyeliner to properly dry and means you don't get those annoying blobs.
maybe its Maybelline-oh definitely

Maxfactor Liptint-like a felt tip pen for lips

For lips I refuse to don anything other than red, yes even on holiday. If you want to lighten up a little you could channel a more orangey tone maybe something like Revlon's fire and  ice but as I am wearing less make up than usual I really wanted my lips to "pop". I always not only line my lips with lip liner but also colour them in completely so that even if my lipstick wears off after eating and drinking I don't get that awful eighties line.As I find lip pencil quite drying I'm currently using Max factors Lipfinity lasting tint instead. As a lipstick this is quite poor but as a lip liner its great. I finished off with what you already know I think is the best lipstick on the market today Rockalily in Rockette.
Rockalily-the queen of lippys

Vintage hair
Getting your hair to stay in any sort of rolled or curl in the heat is very difficult. I think the easiest way to get big hair is to cheat and use a hairpiece. For my holiday hair I simply victory rolled my fringe and sprayed it within an inch of its life with Elnett (quite simply the best hairspray on the market) and slicked back any flyaways with some bodyshop hair shine (smells so yummy of coconut)
Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts
the Jessica Simpson Hairwrap-Mines in brown
I then tied my hair into a small bun on the crown with a hairband. Once this was done I applied a  hair wrap (small fake hair piece) on the top which is by Jessica Simpson (yes the Jessica Simpson of "Tuna" fame who knew ) these wraps are fab for giving a big bun/beehive shape yet are also really light so not too hot to wear in the heat like some hair pieces.
Roller Ball scents dib dab

Finally I always use scents in a roller ball when its hot. This way I can perfume the insides of my elbows, back of my knees everywhere that might get too hot.Ive got a lovely set of these by Juicy Couture which are travel sized so perfect to take in your suitcase.
Juicy Coutures Rollerball set-perfect holiday scents
And here is the finished look.Light enough to survive the boiling Florida heat but i still feel like me-not a scrunchie or bumbag in sight-Hurrah


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