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Rockalily lipstick review

When I'm not writing or crafting my day job is running a business called The Vintage Pamper Box  with my good friend Lilly Von Pink. Ladies come from all over the country to be transformed into 1940's inspired screen sirens and photographed so they look like something from the cover of Life magazine. Its the biggest company of its kind in the North West. Part of this experience includes a workshop which as well as showing ladies all the techniques they need to look like a modern day Ava Gardner also allows us to share hints and tips we have picked up along the way as professional make up artists. We meet literally hundreds of women a year doing this and spend as many hours applying make up with a vintage flavour.
A big part of this is the products we use and we are passionate about only suggesting make up which we use ourselves. We have been approached by a few companies in the past to discuss collaborations or sponsorship but if we are not blown away by the product we just couldn't rave about it.At the heart of it The Vintage Pamperbox is about me and Lilly. We treat the girls who attend our events and workshops like mates and you wouldn't recommend a patchy foundation or flaky mascara to your mates would you?

At our Vintage Pamper Box events if we don't love a product we don't endorse it
A massive part of the 1940's and 50's look  is red lipstick. I'm known as a bit of  a red lipstick obsessive and readers of this blog will have seen me raving about Beseme and Macs Russian Red until the cows come home. These have long been in my opinion the best vintage inspired shades and more importantly the best quality lipstick on the market. These are the products we carry in our make up kits, use for photo shoots and generally recommend on our Vintage Pamper days.
When I first came across Rockalily lipstick I will be honest I didn't have high hopes. Nobody loves a play on words better than me and within the beauty industry it seems  as if every  product has to have a clever name but the fact that Rockalily alluded to Rockabilly made me wonder if it was someone looking to cash in on the  recent vintage explosion and if so how likely was it that the lipstick would be much cop? So I'm ashamed to say I ignored it. Swanning around in my Mac or Beseme glory, arrogantly dismissing this new pretender. 
Rockalily-creating a huge buzz in the beauty world
Luckily for me this country has some of the best beauty bloggers in the world. The buzz about Rockalily started off as whisper (the odd good blog review, a mention on twitter) and quickly became a roar. Models and burlesque dancers I knew started giving it the kind of testimonials I hadn't heard of since Besemes Monroe inspired Red Hot Red hit the shelves.I quickly decided I needed to get my hands on this lipstick and put it through the Pamperbox paces.

I ordered two of Rockalilys red shades. Roulette and Rockette.Roulette has a slight brown tone so was perfect for Lilly and Rockette is your classic blue toned bright red so ticked my shade box straight away. By this time I had done my research on Rockalily and really liked the cut of the owners ReeRee Rockettes jib. Not only was her website full of real looking sassy gals wearing fifties finery,she also ran a regular get together called "Wonderful Women" which was all about women in business supporting each other and her blog was inspirational and funny. Basically  she is the real deal. ReeRee looks like a Rockabilly queen and appears to have a brain the size of a planet. Every day she posts what she is wearing on her blog and every day I want at least one part of her outfit. So far so good but what about the lipstick I hear you shout.
Well.......Its amazing. 
Get set go. Betty & Lilly prepare to put Rockalily through its paces

Probably the best lipstick I have ever tried. 
From the smell (coco butter) to the application (glides on like a dream, none of the dragging you get from other true reds) to its wear time (it stays put) Both me and Lilly were amazed how long lasting this lipstick was even after an afternoon of teaching, having a cup of tea and a sarnie it still stayed on, didn't feather and didn't make our lips sore like so many of the longer lasting lip colours do. 
To say that we are converts is an understatement. Rockalily is now the only lipstick the Vintage Pamperbox use for our events and photo shoots.We even approached ReeRee to ask if she would be happy to sponsor the Pamperbox and we are ecstatic that she agreed. That's how much we love it, we want our business to be associated with it. 
Its latest outing from our make up kits was a photo shoot we did last week with Burlesque performer Fanny Divine. Fanny is launching a new company called PinUps in Pinnies and yet again Rockette Red worked beautifully.
Fanny Divine from PinUps In Pinnies in Rockalillys Rockette Red 
MUA Lilly Von Pink

So that's the story of how my love affair with Rockalily started and what better way  to finish this post than by having a quick chat with the amazing ReeRee Rockette herself
ReeRee Rockette-The lady behind the lippy

What inspired you to create a lipstick brand?
I wanted to start a business where I would love my work. I thought about my dream jobs, and having a make-up brand was one of them! The journey eventually led to me quitting my job and starting Rockalily.

Did you have any background in working with cosmetics prior to setting up Rockalily?
No, my background is mainly in education, but I have always loved make-up, and the power it has to change how we feel (and look!).

Has the buzz about Rockalily surprised you?
Yes! Twitter has been such an amazing platform, and I can't imagine launching a business without it! It has been so awesome to see so many women connect to Rockalily, and support it. I love being able to chat to so many people about our shared interests.

Any plans to add to the range with other make up?
At the moment no, but I do have big plans for the brand as a whole.

Is there any celebrity that you would love to see wearing Rockalily?
Adele and Gwen Stefani I think top my list. They both have a great sense of style, and have confidence in their beauty.

Tell us about Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business
Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business is a business group I run for women who are starting or running their own businesses. There is currently a London and Norwich branch, both of which have two meetings a month. It is crucial to surround yourself with positive and supportive people when you're starting out, and we all share our ideas while drinking a few cocktails! Many of them are now great friends of mine, so not only do I have business support, but personal support too.

What influences you in business? Do you have a mentor or an inspirational figure in your life?
I am motivated by people who make things happen. I read a lot of inspirational books, written by people who had a dream, and made it happen. I also attend seminars to hear successful women speak. I believe we live the life we choose, so I love hearing stories of those who have chosen success.

What book is on your nightstand right now?
I'm an ex-librarian so books are always around me. I am usually reading about 3 or 4 books at a time. I am currently a little addicted to John Irving books, but am also reading some non-fiction too. 

What would be your top tips for any woman on the brink of setting up a new business?
To really visualise what she wants the outcome to be; what does she want her average day to look like? You need to know where you want to go before you have a chance of getting there.

Finally what is your favourite Rockalily shade (mines Rockette)
Snap.....Rockette is my daily lipstick, its the perfect red for me.
The Vintage Pamper Box proud to be sponsored by Rockalily Lipstick

Rockalilly Lipsticks cost £14 each come in four shades and can be purchased here


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