Friday, 26 August 2011

Princess birthday cake recipe

Making someone a birthday cake is a great  way to let them know you care. Yes its easy enough to buy one but to spend time and energy creating something just for one person is lovely. If you are having to watch your budget making somene a birthday cake can act as a great gift and the sillier the cake the better. My favourite book for cake making inspiration is an old one by Jane Asher called "Jane Ashers Party cakes" My mum (who is the best cake maker ever) used it a lot for inspiration and has now pased it to me. I used some of her idaes when I made this birthday cake for my little girls birthday.

This may be out of print but of you can get a copy its great

So here is how I made a classic princess Birthday cake. I have made at least two versions of this for my daughter and one for a good freinds birthday last year. Its so easy.
I began by baking a sponge cake. I always follow a recipe using buttermilk as it makes for a slightly firmer cake which is helpful if you are going to be loading  a cake with icing. I don't have a round mould  so used a pyrex dish-the end cake doesnt look that promising  but I figure thats why god invented Royal icing-Ive filled it with jam-bish bash bosh

The cake in all its undecorated glory

You can buy dolls which are specifically made for these type of cakes but I just stuck one of my daughters dolls in the centre and having painted the cake with warm apricot jam to act as glue I put the icing on (I used royal icing)-I've made the icing look like folds of fabric by overlaping it

Cover the dolls chest with icing to help create a dress

Once the icing covers the whole cake and Ive fashiond a top for the doll I painted the icing pink with watered down pink food colouring
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I chose a petal pink colour for the dress

Once its all covered I left it to dry for about an hour
Dry little dolly cake

I have made a magic wand from an old cake decoration which was used on my wedding cake-see being a horder isnt all bad

Add a little magic (wand)

Using a darker shade of pink I iced a lattice effect on front of the dress
darker pink detaling on the front of the dress

I added sugar roses to the bottom of dress and stuck jelly beans on so they look like jewels

How I love sugar roses

I then added the Happy Birthday decoration, more roses and  candles oh and as the whole thing just wasnt looking camp enough for my tastes and my little girl is obsessed with My Little Pony at the moment I also added flying pink horses and a jaunty flapper style head dress for the doll.

Ta-da-The completed cake


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