Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How To Make A China Tea Cup Candle

Making candles is such a fun craft and so easy to master.This project is a great one to introduce you to making candles and the end results make lovely gifts.These are also really nice for weddings. I made my friend Lilly Von Pink candles in blue toile cups with red white and blue ribbons tied to the handles. They were given to the guests as gifts at the end of the reception and made the whole room smell of roses.As with anything involving boiling water and hot wax please be careful. Ive used a steamer to melt my jug of wax but many of the soya waxes can be melted in the microwave for an even quicker result. You can also get pre cut wicks with the wick tabs attached which are easier than the strings but for the purpose of this demo I used what I had in my craft cupboard.

You will need
  • 50g Blended Paraffin Wax
  • Wicks
  • Metal Wick Tabs
  • Wick holder bar
  • A china Teacup
  • Wax colouring (I went for purple)
  • Candle fragrance oil (mine are violet)
  • Candle dye (mine came as coloured chips)
  • A Pyrex jug
  • A steamer
  • A medicine dropper

Put water in your steamer and set it to boil 

Measure your wax pellets into your cup. Always fill it right to the top. You can also put your dye chips in as well

Put your wax pellets in your Pyrex jug

Let the heat of the boiling water from your steamer melt the wax. Once its quite soft you can give it a quick stir to mix in the dye (be careful though the jug handle gets hot)

Using your dropper add your perfume oil

Thread your wick through the metal wick base and tie a knot. Put this in your china tea cup

Once your wax is nice and clear pour into your prepared china teacup which should have your knotted wick in

Knot your wick around the holder bar so it doesn't fall into the setting wax. Leave overnight to set.

 You may want to tie a ribbon or name tag to the handle for a finishing touch if its for a gift.
Enjoy your lovely home made candle which no only looks great but will smell wonderful

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