Friday, 5 August 2011

Holiday packing Guide

When you work for yourself and home is your office it can be really hard to switch off. I don't even really think of what I do as work a lot of the time, its just life at Betty Towers. Running Vintage Pamper days, writing articles, helping my husband run his tee-shirt  business Nicky Rockets. So getting away from it all is really important so we can reconnect as a family. Turn off twitter, facebook, the TV, the constant ringing phone and spend some quality time just being with each other without all of life's distractions.
Perhaps its this need to carve out some space away which makes me so excited in the lead up to holidays. I plan what I'm taking with military precision and the suitcases are down for weeks being slowly filled with essential items. Here is my hit list of what a vintage obsessed gal needs to have a happy holiday (I'm not going into important stuff like passports, money, inoculations, suncream-you are smart people you know all that-this is about getting into the holiday spirit)

Betty Holiday Hit List

Leopard print Suitcases. I really can't bear shabby luggage. No one wants to go down the route of Liz Hurley's Louis Vuitton obsession but suitcases in leopard print-whats not to like?
Leopard Print Luggage-Growl

Bright Pink Holdall. Following on from this theme  I  also have  a huge Kelly Hermes inspired patent pink bag for my hand luggage. I'm not someone who travels light so I need a large bag to take all my stuff in.
Pretty in pink hand luggage

Neck pillow.This is probably the wisest thing you can take on a long haul flight. It guarantees some amount of comfort even when you are crammed into economy next to a large snoring stranger.
looks like a sausage but your neck will thank you for it

Fifties style swimsuit.This is my current fave-brought from e-bay its perfect if like me you are all bum and boobs. It has got a frilly little skirt and isn't too low cut so is really comfortable but very flattering.
is it a dress? no its a swimsuit

A Joan Collins tribute hat. Fifties obsessed ladies do not want a dark tan so this is perfect for stopping me getting a freckly face. Joan Collins who has always looked amazing always wears big wide brimmed hats like this and who am I  to argue with the dame of the shoulder pad
If its good enough for Ms Collins its good enough for me

Cool sunglasses. cat eye, polka dot I have many-too many some would argue. To this I say bah!
Sunglasses a pair for every mood

I heart sunglasses

My Kindle. If I don't have at least two books on the go I feel bereft. I have such a love of my kindle I couldn't go anywhere without it. Having resisted them so much in the early days as I love buying actual books I am now a total convert.Finished one book? desperate to read the sequel? guess what in two minutes its downloaded and you can carry on being a book worm-genius.I even have a lovely little cover for mine.
My lovely Kindle

Magazines. Once upon a time I would buy all my magazines for the plane and by the pool at the airport. it was part of my pre board ritual like trying on loads of make up and perfume in the duty free. Now checking in is such a security nightmare I do it in advance so I'm not rushed and don't end up panic buying Woman's Weekly and Take a break because I cant find Vogue
The seat belt sign is off-we have lift off. Crack open the mags

Flip flops and sandals. I never take heals on holiday. I'm always surprised when I see women wearing heals to dinner on holiday-just relax. Give your arches a must needed rest.We are on holiday baby. No ones saying come down to tea with a tee shirt over your still wet cossie (shudders) but a light summer dress and some flowery flip flops (good pedicure essential) equals happy days.

Light Cotton Swing dresses. I always choose what clothes to take really carefully. I think a cotton swing style dress can take you anywhere. I carefully lay out each dress and make sure I have matching accessories to take.A necklace or a well chosen hair slide can mean you get loads of mileage out of just a few outfits and take up hardly any space in your suitcase. 

Polka Dots by the pool

Have a swinging time with a 50's inspired summer dress

Hair Flowers and bandanna's. Hot weather and humidity are not good friends to victory rolls and quiffs so I always take a nice selection of hair flowers to put in my hair and try to go all J-Lo and slick it into a ponytail. I don't look anything like J-Lo but the lie makes me happy.
Hair flowers, scarves & necklaces. Perfect for holiday style

Pampering Set. I always use holidays to give myself a well needed pamper so hair and face masks, body exfoliation's, foot scrub, and a manicure set are a must.
Pampering. because I'm worth it

So that's my essential holiday kit. Whats yours? what spells out holiday like nothing else?
I often pack a parasol and fan but that's purely optional
Bon Voyage!


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