Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How to make a cupboard

Take one shelf unit brought for £2 from a jumble sale
I gave the shelf a good clean
then painted it with some cream cupboard paint I had. Cupboard paints great because it drys a lovely matt but with a slight sheen and doesnt smell like gloss

I wanted to add polka dots so using a red paint tester I had and the rubber end from a pencil I have obviously stolen from a weight watchers meeting (I was probably trying to eat the rubber) I added dots around the edges

Until it looked like this

then I painted the inside of the shelf red and also added a logo I had made. I printed it on photo paper so I could varnish over it all without the ink running

I then varnished it a few times

Added little cup hooks (think they are called cup hooks-I just found them in Rightway)

Let it all dry

And there you have something that was once unloved and tatty now looking quite at home next to my pink kettle and Queenie tea cosy

Yes I did take far too long putting little cups on the shelves and mixing and matching the colours but baba is asleep so whats the harm

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