Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter Decorations

Well its nearly Easter and I think its fair to say Spring has finally arrived. Its so lovely to see all the flowers poking their little bright heads out and offering a well needed infusion of colour. The garden at Betty Towers is looking so sweet at the moment.
spring is here

As followers of my blog will know I love seasonal decorations and easter is probably one of my favourites. A really easy way to create a striking display is to get a bunch of pussy willow (you may be lucky enough to have this in your garden but if not you can buy it at garden centres) put them in a jolly vase and festoon them with brightly coloured eggs. 

I love decoupage the ancient art of decorating items with brightly coloured paper and then applying coats and coats of varnish to create a glossy laquered apperance and this works really well on hollowed out eggs. Make sure you have a hole at the top and bottom of the egg to feed some ribbon or string so you can attach them to your willow branches.

You can add some lovely vintage touches by putting flowers in china teacups. Another thing I love to do is to put things under glass. I would absolutely love an old bell jar but these are quite hard to get hold of so Ive improvised with a glass cake stand. the victorians loved putting things under glass so Ive used a victorian easter card I found on ebay along with some little wool chicks Ive knitted.

To make your display even more colourful why not add a smaller vase of daffodils and some little rabbits. Hoping this has given you a few tips for Easter

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