Saturday, 28 August 2010

Brighton beach inspiration: my vintage garden design

This week has been full of lovely things. The first lovely thing was getting the garden at Betty Pamper  Towers almost finished. Its been a real labour of love transforming my little postage stamp into something which works with my love of all things vintage and I hope you will agree its looking really very nice.
The lovely new garden at BB Towers
Ive done it all on a budget and its mostly been lots of painting I'm particularly proud of my pink decking, painted with boat paint as I just couldn't get my hands on any decking paint that wasn't a poo shade of brown

Probably my biggest extravagance was my penguin book cover deck chairs. As soon as I saw them I had to have them. they combine my three fave things, Sitting, the garden and reading. I also tackled the age old problem of how to make something functional look pretty. We recently had to buy a big shed for storage and when it arrived it was horrible so I decided to turn it into a Brighton beach hut.
My Brighton Beach themed shed

Lovely Cakes by Cup of Love Bakery
I had a meeting with a lovely lady called Jemma this week who runs a beautiful bakery based in South Liverpool called Cup Of Love who specialise in the most beautiful cup cakes. I am hoping to help Jemma style a photo shoot showcasing her delicious cakes using lots of vintage loveliness from my Betty Bee Vintage range. 
Jemma arrived at the meeting which also included my friend Lilly (who will be doing hair & make up on the shoot) with the cutest little box full of the most wonderful cupcakes, resplendent with pink icing-yum yum.

In Jemmas honour I wore my new cupcake necklace by Vintage Princess Laura  It arrived on the day of the meeting and is my new favourite thing. Find her on face book.

My new necklace by Vintage Princess Laura

All this cakey loveliness has inspired some fabulous new products for Betty Bee Vintage. This week we have welcomed two very yummy new additions to our range. First of all we have these super cute Fairy Cake candles. These are just scrumptious. They are petal pink with sparkles on the top. Scented with either vanilla, strawberry or orange blossom. I deliver them in little cake boxes wrapped in pink tissue paper and wrapped in a bow.

Betty's fairy Cake candles
And as if fairy cupcakes are not enough we are also stocking a delicious new range of hand make Cup cake bath bombs-these smell of strawberry, have lashings of shea butter and tons of sparkles and flowers on the top. They really do turn a bath into an event.
Betty's Cup Cake Bath Bombs

That's all for now-Toodle Pip!

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