Sunday, 8 August 2010

Vintage Pamper Day

I had a great day yesterday at our Vintage Pamper Day. Eighteen fabulous ladies were taught how to do "The Hollywood face" and shown how to recreate some amazing vintage inspired hair styles by the lovely Lilly Von Pink,given a burlesque class by the wonderful Fanny Divine and had a cheesecake photo shoot by my better half Mister Bee. Add lashings of tea and cake and I think its fair to say it was a pretty perfect day. I was amazed at how quickly the girls picked up the burlesque routine Fanny Divine taught them. they all looked so graceful, removing gloves finger by finger and rolling down stockings-everyone of them oozed sex appeal. The photo shoot was great and it was lovely to see how they each  put their individual spin on retro glamour. We had Grease Pink Lady style bobby soxers, Hollywood vamps, cutie Doris Dayalikes and smouldering sirens. I'm so looking forward to working on the photos. The Pamper events are such good fun and we are planning to roll them out for hen and birthday celebrations-watch this space x

All the lovely ladies at our Vintage pamper event with the awesome Fanny Divine

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