Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Burlesque Night in Liverpool

Time for tea sweeties?

Its been a busy few weeks at BB Towers. We have been filming for a documentary, photographing everything from 21 day old babys (super cute) to weddings (aways lovely and such a great excuse to wear a big hat) as well as working on lots of lovely new things for the Nicky Rockets  website-I am full of ideas so watch out for news of some scrumptious new trinkets which will complete your summer wardrobe beautifully.
In dire need to let off some steam and desperate for an excuse to try out my new hair fasinator by the very talented Jenny Dunlop I went to an amazing burlesque night in Liverpool with my good friend Lilly Von Pink.
Called the Martini Lounge and held in the quite lovely shabby splendor of the Liverpool Royal Court (there is a lamp there with my name on it-I covet it every time I go there) it is run by the ever glamorous Millie Dollar and is really the template for how a burlesque night should be.
It always features a wonderful mix of new talent and established performers. This time we were treated to acts by Velma Von Bon Bon who showcased her new Wonder woman act, Bijou Noir whose Josephine Baker inspired routines brought a lovely dash of 1920's glamour to the evening, Beau Rocks whose Eve inspired number had all the men in the audiance wishing they were a leaf and most exciting of all Millie performed a new act involving a ring masters costume and a whip-exellent. Hysterical comparing from the brillant Fred Bear made for a wonderful night.

me (wearing my Jenny Dunlop fasinator) with Millie Dollar & Lilly Von Pink

So after rather hectic time I decided today that afternoon tea was called for. The sun has been shining, the garden looks very inviting so me and Nicky Rockets had a lovely half hour drinking out of china cups and listening to the radio. Like most people we often eat and run but sometimes its just lovely to make the effort, put out a tablecloth, use a cake stand and really make a fuss of what could otherwise be an ordinary 3pm tea and cake break.

Afternoon tea at Betty Bee Towers

It seems we are not the only people with this idea as we have seen lots of sales in the last few weeks of our hand made cake stands.Made from one off vintage plates they do really make a table and its lovely that so many people are discovering our passion for recycled china.

The timing rather makes me smile-I imagine all the men watching the football while their girls sit in the garden eatting scones and sipping earl grey out of china cups. 

One of our pretty 2 tier stands-I have a big crush on this blue one at the moment

Thats all for now-will be back soon with more Tales from Betty Towers-Toodle Pip!

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