Saturday, 29 May 2010

Burlesque Night in Wirral

Me and Lilly with Velma Von Bon Bon, Miss Boo & Millie Dollar
burlesque night in WirralMe and Lilly with the Fast Eddie guys
burlesque night in WirralMy burlesque night The Cherry Lounge took place on the 27th May at Jack Rabbit Slims in Hoylake.
It was a fabulous night. We had the most amazing rock 'n' roll band Fast Eddie and the Jive machine. This three peice from Nottingham are absolutely brillant. They took the roof off and had the entire audiance in the palm of their hands. They made my hubby Mr Bees night by dedicating the Stray cats song "Stray cat strut" to him. they play all the rock 'n' roll classics you would want from Elvis, Carl Perkins, Cliff Richard, Go cat go, This ole house and so many more. Me and Lilly Von Pink (my gourgeous freind who runs the night with me) tried to put our recent Jive lessons in practice with little sucess however the wonderful Mrs Fast eddie kindly stepped in and showed me a few moves.

Our burlesque performers were simply amazing.
The amazing Millie Dollar
burlesque night in Wirral
We had Mllie Dollar who is very well known. Millie did three acts, The Strip, Night Train and Blue Martini (my persona fave) the crowd loved her and I am delighted to report she is as lovely off stage as on. Our newcomer spot was the super cute Miss Boo. Boo performed her first act "The Little Mermaid" to the B52's song Rock Lobster dressed as Ariel and her second act was "Black & white starlet" which was very dramatic. Depsite being really nervous she did a great job.
The super cute Miss Boo making her debut at the Cherry Lounge

burlesque night in Wirral
Our final performer was the wonderfully quirky Velma Von Bon Bon.
burlesque night in Wirral
Velma did her hillarious Scooby Doo act which I had perviously seen at the Martini Lounge in Liverpool. It went down a storm as did her "michevious Bee" dance. velma is so creative and has the best costumes ever.
Mr Bee my very talented husband always designs a new tee-shirt for each Cherry Lounge.
burlesque night in Wirral
This time his design was hugely popular. I show it here being worn by Miss Boo. We have a few left so contact me at if you want one. they are £12.50 each. Be quick though!
Finally must say huge thanks to the hugely talented photographer Brian Roberts who kindly took al the fabulous photos you see here of the Cherry Lounge. Thanks Brian they are ace.
Speak soon

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