Saturday, 28 August 2010

Brighton beach inspiration: my vintage garden design

This week has been full of lovely things. The first lovely thing was getting the garden at Betty Pamper  Towers almost finished. Its been a real labour of love transforming my little postage stamp into something which works with my love of all things vintage and I hope you will agree its looking really very nice.
The lovely new garden at BB Towers
Ive done it all on a budget and its mostly been lots of painting I'm particularly proud of my pink decking, painted with boat paint as I just couldn't get my hands on any decking paint that wasn't a poo shade of brown

Probably my biggest extravagance was my penguin book cover deck chairs. As soon as I saw them I had to have them. they combine my three fave things, Sitting, the garden and reading. I also tackled the age old problem of how to make something functional look pretty. We recently had to buy a big shed for storage and when it arrived it was horrible so I decided to turn it into a Brighton beach hut.
My Brighton Beach themed shed

Lovely Cakes by Cup of Love Bakery
I had a meeting with a lovely lady called Jemma this week who runs a beautiful bakery based in South Liverpool called Cup Of Love who specialise in the most beautiful cup cakes. I am hoping to help Jemma style a photo shoot showcasing her delicious cakes using lots of vintage loveliness from my Betty Bee Vintage range. 
Jemma arrived at the meeting which also included my friend Lilly (who will be doing hair & make up on the shoot) with the cutest little box full of the most wonderful cupcakes, resplendent with pink icing-yum yum.

In Jemmas honour I wore my new cupcake necklace by Vintage Princess Laura  It arrived on the day of the meeting and is my new favourite thing. Find her on face book.

My new necklace by Vintage Princess Laura

All this cakey loveliness has inspired some fabulous new products for Betty Bee Vintage. This week we have welcomed two very yummy new additions to our range. First of all we have these super cute Fairy Cake candles. These are just scrumptious. They are petal pink with sparkles on the top. Scented with either vanilla, strawberry or orange blossom. I deliver them in little cake boxes wrapped in pink tissue paper and wrapped in a bow.

Betty's fairy Cake candles
And as if fairy cupcakes are not enough we are also stocking a delicious new range of hand make Cup cake bath bombs-these smell of strawberry, have lashings of shea butter and tons of sparkles and flowers on the top. They really do turn a bath into an event.
Betty's Cup Cake Bath Bombs

That's all for now-Toodle Pip!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Burlesque fakers, pamper website, and Brighton beach huts

This week has been super busy. I spent the weekend photographing weddings and was delighted to bump into burlesque performer Scarlet Fever helping her husband film one of the weddings I was covering. Scarlet is well known for featuring on the Channel 4 documentary " Faking It"when after tuition from Immodesty Blaize, Dita Von Tease and Wayne Sleep to name but a few she successfully fooled a panel of burlesque professionals into thinking she was an experienced burlesque performer. Its still my favourite Faking It episode and I'm delighted to report that Scarlet and her husband Anthony are just lovely. 
Horrible photo of me but nice one of Scarlet Fever

Along with my partner in crime Lilly Von Pink I have been putting together a website to promote our vintage Pamper days. It went live today and I'm really proud of what we have achieved. The Pamper boxes are so lovely to be involved in and we really do believe they offer a glamorous alternative to the usual hen or birthday celebrations out there. Check out the site its at The Pamperbox  Ive also been working on photos from the last pamper day which I think illustrate just how fabulous and sassy our ladies are
One of our Lovely Pamper Day ladies
Hold the phones-The Vintage pamper Box has its own website

robably one of the nicest aspects of the Vintage Pamper events are just how beautiful all the girls leave feeling. Its such a great day, lots of laughter, playing with hair and make up and of course having a burlesque workshop that by the time they come to have their photograph taken they look and feel like a million dollars and boy does it show in the photos.

Thanks Fanny we love you

The overhaul of the garden at Betty  Towers continues-Having made the shed look like a Brighton Beach hut I have now turned my attentions to the Arbour. It all seems to be taking forever and I seem to get more paint in my hair than on the furniture (my hairdresser thought she has stumbled on a huge thatch of grey the other day when she was doing my hair but it was just exterior paint! It will all look lovely when its finished and I promise to post pictures.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Vintage Pamper Day

I had a great day yesterday at our Vintage Pamper Day. Eighteen fabulous ladies were taught how to do "The Hollywood face" and shown how to recreate some amazing vintage inspired hair styles by the lovely Lilly Von Pink,given a burlesque class by the wonderful Fanny Divine and had a cheesecake photo shoot by my better half Mister Bee. Add lashings of tea and cake and I think its fair to say it was a pretty perfect day. I was amazed at how quickly the girls picked up the burlesque routine Fanny Divine taught them. they all looked so graceful, removing gloves finger by finger and rolling down stockings-everyone of them oozed sex appeal. The photo shoot was great and it was lovely to see how they each  put their individual spin on retro glamour. We had Grease Pink Lady style bobby soxers, Hollywood vamps, cutie Doris Dayalikes and smouldering sirens. I'm so looking forward to working on the photos. The Pamper events are such good fun and we are planning to roll them out for hen and birthday celebrations-watch this space x

All the lovely ladies at our Vintage pamper event with the awesome Fanny Divine

Friday, 6 August 2010

Britannia homewares and retro hair

This week has been very hectic at Betty Towers. We are really busy working on our new collection of homewares, all inspired by my love of cool Britannia, Burlesque and Vintage fabrics and homewares. Having long been a fan of all things union Jack (I even have union jack bunting on my shed) I decided I really needed to design an apron which used the flag but had a little bit of Betty sauciness as well. So here is my Big Up Blighty Burlesque Apron-Im taking orders now so just contact me on to order.

I am so excited as we are holding another Vintage Pamper Day on Saturday The last one was such fun with retro hair & make up classes, burlesque workshops and cheese cake style photo shoots. It was a great giggle and the girls all looked beautiful in their finished photos-only 2 more sleeps eeek!

I was also lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful new burlesque night in Liverpool called the Canary Cage.Held at Baby Blue and hosted by the wonderful Pheonix Snow and Frank Lebeau Diaablo. It had great acts and the coolest atmosphere. Definately a new regular event for the Betty diary.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Burlesque Night in Liverpool

Time for tea sweeties?

Its been a busy few weeks at BB Towers. We have been filming for a documentary, photographing everything from 21 day old babys (super cute) to weddings (aways lovely and such a great excuse to wear a big hat) as well as working on lots of lovely new things for the Nicky Rockets  website-I am full of ideas so watch out for news of some scrumptious new trinkets which will complete your summer wardrobe beautifully.
In dire need to let off some steam and desperate for an excuse to try out my new hair fasinator by the very talented Jenny Dunlop I went to an amazing burlesque night in Liverpool with my good friend Lilly Von Pink.
Called the Martini Lounge and held in the quite lovely shabby splendor of the Liverpool Royal Court (there is a lamp there with my name on it-I covet it every time I go there) it is run by the ever glamorous Millie Dollar and is really the template for how a burlesque night should be.
It always features a wonderful mix of new talent and established performers. This time we were treated to acts by Velma Von Bon Bon who showcased her new Wonder woman act, Bijou Noir whose Josephine Baker inspired routines brought a lovely dash of 1920's glamour to the evening, Beau Rocks whose Eve inspired number had all the men in the audiance wishing they were a leaf and most exciting of all Millie performed a new act involving a ring masters costume and a whip-exellent. Hysterical comparing from the brillant Fred Bear made for a wonderful night.

me (wearing my Jenny Dunlop fasinator) with Millie Dollar & Lilly Von Pink

So after rather hectic time I decided today that afternoon tea was called for. The sun has been shining, the garden looks very inviting so me and Nicky Rockets had a lovely half hour drinking out of china cups and listening to the radio. Like most people we often eat and run but sometimes its just lovely to make the effort, put out a tablecloth, use a cake stand and really make a fuss of what could otherwise be an ordinary 3pm tea and cake break.

Afternoon tea at Betty Bee Towers

It seems we are not the only people with this idea as we have seen lots of sales in the last few weeks of our hand made cake stands.Made from one off vintage plates they do really make a table and its lovely that so many people are discovering our passion for recycled china.

The timing rather makes me smile-I imagine all the men watching the football while their girls sit in the garden eatting scones and sipping earl grey out of china cups. 

One of our pretty 2 tier stands-I have a big crush on this blue one at the moment

Thats all for now-will be back soon with more Tales from Betty Towers-Toodle Pip!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Burlesque Night in Wirral

Me and Lilly with Velma Von Bon Bon, Miss Boo & Millie Dollar
burlesque night in WirralMe and Lilly with the Fast Eddie guys
burlesque night in WirralMy burlesque night The Cherry Lounge took place on the 27th May at Jack Rabbit Slims in Hoylake.
It was a fabulous night. We had the most amazing rock 'n' roll band Fast Eddie and the Jive machine. This three peice from Nottingham are absolutely brillant. They took the roof off and had the entire audiance in the palm of their hands. They made my hubby Mr Bees night by dedicating the Stray cats song "Stray cat strut" to him. they play all the rock 'n' roll classics you would want from Elvis, Carl Perkins, Cliff Richard, Go cat go, This ole house and so many more. Me and Lilly Von Pink (my gourgeous freind who runs the night with me) tried to put our recent Jive lessons in practice with little sucess however the wonderful Mrs Fast eddie kindly stepped in and showed me a few moves.

Our burlesque performers were simply amazing.
The amazing Millie Dollar
burlesque night in Wirral
We had Mllie Dollar who is very well known. Millie did three acts, The Strip, Night Train and Blue Martini (my persona fave) the crowd loved her and I am delighted to report she is as lovely off stage as on. Our newcomer spot was the super cute Miss Boo. Boo performed her first act "The Little Mermaid" to the B52's song Rock Lobster dressed as Ariel and her second act was "Black & white starlet" which was very dramatic. Depsite being really nervous she did a great job.
The super cute Miss Boo making her debut at the Cherry Lounge

burlesque night in Wirral
Our final performer was the wonderfully quirky Velma Von Bon Bon.
burlesque night in Wirral
Velma did her hillarious Scooby Doo act which I had perviously seen at the Martini Lounge in Liverpool. It went down a storm as did her "michevious Bee" dance. velma is so creative and has the best costumes ever.
Mr Bee my very talented husband always designs a new tee-shirt for each Cherry Lounge.
burlesque night in Wirral
This time his design was hugely popular. I show it here being worn by Miss Boo. We have a few left so contact me at if you want one. they are £12.50 each. Be quick though!
Finally must say huge thanks to the hugely talented photographer Brian Roberts who kindly took al the fabulous photos you see here of the Cherry Lounge. Thanks Brian they are ace.
Speak soon

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Jive Workshop: Jive dancing & Tweeting

jive workshop

Today I attended a Jive workshop with Mr Bee and my good freind Lilly Von Pink and her husband. It was great fun although very hot and sweaty as it is soo hot here on the wirral. 

Lilly is having a vintage/1950's style wedding in September so we were hoping to learn some moves for the reception. Some of it went over my head but I can now do a Yoyo and a ladyspin so am happy. Lilly has her own website which features beautiful Rockabilly inspired jewellery and clothes-take a little peak at

Lilly Von Pink
One final lovely thing happened last night. I purchased some wooden union jack bunting to put on my pink shed and the ebay seller Laura who has a lovely website loved my Betty Bee Vintage website so much she asked if she could tweet about it.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Classic cars and Penguin books: Good times!

We are currently in the process of renovating the little garden at Betty  Towers. I really want it to feel sea sidey as we live by the sea and have been using the beach huts you find in places like Brighton as our inspiration. As well as painting the decking with pink boat paint we have also invested in various bits of garden furniture I am loving our new deck chairs. They are all decorated with classic Penguin book covers. This is a picture of mine-with the Big Sleep on-in a great apple green-love it.

penguin books
This weekend I also went to a classic car exhibition and found my dream car. Unfortunately it belongs to a lovely man called Bill but he let me and my little baba have a photo taken next
to it.
classic cars

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Retro hair and makeup: Betty and Lilly's Pamperbox

Betty and Lilly's first ever Pamperbox retro hair and makeup event was an absolute triumph-eight beautiful ladies were taught how to do retro hair and make up, styled, taught a burlesque class by the beautiful Dani California and then had a cheese cake photo session.

Some of the finished photos can be viewed here-how fabulous do these gals look-If you would like details of our next event or would like to make a group booking for your own private pamper box then get in touch
Bravo ladies
Skimlinks Test